A downloadable game for Windows

The Fluffenators 

Fuzzzbeat Prime  and Mighty Meowz 

Space Cats: Dance invasion

Stomp your paws and shake your tail to some fly feline beats in this funky rhythm game that will have you movin’ and a-groovin’! These cats ain’t here to destroy Planet Earth...they’re here to GET DOWN! So, come on down to da club, Planet Earth and see if your fingers and feet can keep the beat!

Leave your High Scores in the comments!

Mighty Meowz's high score:  35,725

Can you beat it?


W or Up Arrow Key - Up

A or Left Arrow Key - Left

S or Down Arrow Key - Down

D or Right Arrow Key - Right

Esc - Quit Game

Content Created Before the Jam:

Cats and Face Materials - Yippy Kawaii, Unreal Marketplace

Space Sky Sphere - Advanced Space Shader, Unreal Marketplace

Animations - Mixamo.com

Arrow Textures - People.Clarkson.edu

Architecture - Modular Scifi Props, Unreal Marketplace

PFX - Cartoon FX 2, Unreal Marketplace

Fonts - Bobafonts.com

Music - Kevin Macleod

Intro Crawl - KasselLabs.io


TheFluffenators_SpaceCatsDanceInvasion.rar 391 MB


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looks cool

I got it now

Thank you! Enjoy the boogie! \(*^^*)/

(1 edit)

pretty funky

Thanks, glad you liked it! \(*^^*)/

You kinda copied the game's character models Garden paws :

The game's character models are from the Yippy Kawaii pack, by Suriyun, found on Unreal Marketplace, as listed in the "content created before the jam" section. If you like the characters you can purchase them there!^^

Hi everbody, if you are getting the error "no archive found", please update your WinRAR software. Thank you!^^