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before i download, is there any hard mode or something harder than the levels i saw in trailer??

Nope, just what was featured in the trailer. ^^ Only the one level, unfortunately.

darn but im still gonna download it and make joke to a friend that this is what he should play than only friday night funkin

looks cool

I got it now

Thank you! Enjoy the boogie! \(*^^*)/

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pretty funky

Thanks, glad you liked it! \(*^^*)/

You kinda copied the game's character models Garden paws :

The game's character models are from the Yippy Kawaii pack, by Suriyun, found on Unreal Marketplace, as listed in the "content created before the jam" section. If you like the characters you can purchase them there!^^

Hi everbody, if you are getting the error "no archive found", please update your WinRAR software. Thank you!^^